Machine Services

Whether Boring , Drilling , Taping, Milling (universal and radial), Turning or Grinding(cylinder or surface)- TRUOS provides manufacturing and repair services to countless industries. With all sizes of machinery including our large diameter and length capabilities in our medium to large lathes, vertical turret lathes, vertical boring, surface grinders and mills, we are set to handle even the most challenging machining projects. Our machinists backed by more than a decade of service and experience are very well qualified to effectively deliver guaranteed machining solutions to even the most complex job requirements.

Common Types of Parts We Machine

  • Shafting/Rollers
  • Mfg Shafting: pumps, turbines, gearboxes, Motor, Drives, piston rods, blowers, impellers, agitators

  • Rings/ Bushings:
  • Wear rings, Case Rings, Valve Seats, Bushing, Sleeves

  • Housing and Case Work:
  • Recondition: Re-Face, Skim, True Up, Bore, Resize Multi-Stage pump, Compressor cases and flanges

  • Gears (Spiral, Helical, Spur,
  • Custom Gear cutting and rebuilding

  • Sprockets, Pulleys:
  • Gear cutting Re-Face, Skim, True Up, Build Up, Bore, Resize, Key ways, grooves.

  • Valves:
  • Tool & Dies , Jigs & Fixtures