Abdulhafeez Al-Khunaizi studied mechanical engineering in university. After graduation he continued his studies in the U.S., London, Germany and Japan, focusing on the study of Iron and aluminum. He was impressed by the versatility of these elements and the things that could be made out of them. He began to think about ways to make a business out of these metals in Saudi Arabia because too many such components were being imported from other countries. He chose to start a machining business because it produces products that are widely consumed by many other industries and businesses; everything from the transportation industry to agriculture to shipping.

A part of his business is focused on environmentally friendly activities such as taking scrap metal and recycling it into new components. Al-Khunaizi sees his business as benefiting the economy because it provides products that are produced locally to the same specifications as those that are available through import. Because his products are produced locally customers get a product that is both cost effective and with a more reliable supply chain. His business is also helping with the Kingdom's employment challenges by providing valuable jobs.

Looking towards the future Al-Khunaizi plans to expand his industrial services offerings. He plans to increase the types of products he produces, reducing the Kingdom's reliance on imports. Wa'ed provided the capital investment for the purchase of equipment for a new metal workshop enabling him to significantly increase his production and better serve the demand for machined products in the Kingdom.

Our Vision

To create the best steel fabrication & turneries company in the KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA

Our Mission

To be the world class standard for steel construction companies by:

  • Being the preferred vendor of choice by servicing our clients to create economic success in each project.
  • Creating a place of employment where we can learn, grow and be fulfilled in the work we do.
  • Making the communities in which we work a better place to live.
  • Providing a return to the company and its shareholders that allow us to finance the company’s growth and reward the employees involved with our success.
  • Our Values

  • Integrity
  • In order for our company to be successful we need to be connected, united and whole. To be in integrity means that all of the units of our company communicate to one and other. Therefore, our integrity is based on our ability to communicate honestly and consistently.

  • Teamwork (Family)
  • Each of us must consistently act to achieve the agreed upon mission and vision of the team. In order to accomplish this goal, we realize that we can only succeed by supporting each other in a respectful and mutually supportive manner.

  • Pride
  • Each of us must perform our work in a manner in which we are proud of what we do individually as well as collectively as a company. We take accountability and ownership for our individual work and therefore take pride in the work we produce as a company.

  • Productivity (Quality)
  • Our employees are committed to producing the highest quality product in the industry and in doing so each employee takes responsibility for their role in the overall productivity of the company.

  • Honesty
  • Being honest is simply being consistent with reality. To be dishonest is to distort the facts and is not in alignment with what we believe.

  • Reality (Fact-Based)
  • What is, is. We base our decision-making process on the facts. We communicate the facts to ourselves, our employees and our customers.

  • Logic (Objectivity)
  • We apply logic and knowledge of the facts to all of our decision-making processes.

  • Independent Thinking
  • All employees are encouraged to think independently and creatively. We must continuously ask ourselves, “How can we do it better?”

  • Self-Esteem
  • We expect our employees to earn positive self-esteem from doing their work well. We must have self-motivation to have self-esteem. We believe that you receive from your work in direct proportion to how much you contribute. If you do not want to work hard, work somewhere else.

  • Fairness (Understanding)
  • Individuals will be evaluated and rewarded objectively based on their contributions toward accomplishing our mission and adherence to our values. Individuals are judged based on their personal merits not their membership in any group.